• 27. Dezember 2020 | Company news

    Durch Innovation von der Idee zur Therapie – Wirkstoffentwicklung in Berlin-Brandenburg

    Die Zahl der übertragbaren und nicht-übertragbaren Krankheiten steigt weltweit. Ihre Behandlung ist eine Herausforderung für die Gesundheitssysteme als Ganzes, sie zu besiegen entscheidend für das Wohlergehen ganzer Gesellschaften. Geeignete Wirkstoffe und Therapien sind dafür ...

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  • 12. November 2020 | Company news

    COVID-19 /SARS-CoV2 update

    Dear Customers,
    In view of the recent development of the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to inform you that our facility remains fully operational under safe work environment guidelines and that all studies are performed as scheduled. We do not expect any reduction of our service capacity and are happy to discuss any project with you. Please reach out!

    Jens Hoffmann (CEO)

  • 08. October 2019 | Company news

    EORTC-NCI-AACR International Conference in Boston USA

    EPO at 31st EORTC-NCI-AACR International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics, October 26 - 30, 2019

    Poster #A006 Preclinical models from ...
    Poster #A013 Preclinical case study: ...
    Poster #A014 Gastric cancer PDX ...

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  • 11.Feb 2019 | Company news |

    The first joint Pharmatest and EPO Seminar, March 19, 2019

    Humanized mouse models in oncology research

    For more details see newsletter Feb 2019

  • 05.Nov 2018 | Company news |

    EPO at 30th EORTC-NCI-AACR Conference

    Molecular Targets Cancer Therapeutics 13. – 16. Nov 2018 Dublin

    Dr. Behrens provided information about the development of new models for pancreatic cancer and how to evaluate combination therapies in preclinical models. The described PDX panel clearly reflects clinical pancreatic cancer histology, growth and inherent and acquired treatment resistance as well as recurrent disease.

    For more details see newsletter Nov 2018

  • 05.Sep 2018 | Company news |

    Citoxlab signs investment and partnership deal with Experimental Pharmacology and Oncology Berlin-Buch GmbH (EPO)

    Investment in the German CRO, specialized in the preclinical assessment of new anticancer drugs, strengthens Citoxlab’s pharmacology portfolio, which will benefit from many synergies with preclinical safety and biomarkers services already provided by Citoxlab

    Evreux, France and Berlin, Germany, September 3, 2018 – Citoxlab, a leading CRO for non-clinical research, today announces an investment and partnership deal with Experimental Pharmacology and Oncology Berlin-Buch GmbH (EPO), a well-recognized CRO providing comprehensive services for preclinical oncology research worldwide.

    Founded in 1997, EPO is an AAALAC accredited organization. It provides in vitro and in vivo testing of drug candidates with antitumoral and/or immunostimulatory activities in the oncology field. With state-of-the art facilities of 1,300m2 (12,000ft2) at the Campus Berlin-Buch, EPO offers, in particular, a comprehensive range of well characterized syngeneic tumor models, Patient Derived Xenograft (PDX) models and humanized tumor models. More than one hundred large pharma and biotech companies from Europe, Asia and North America have already used EPO’s services.

    Dr. Jean-François Le Bigot, president and CEO of Citoxlab Group said: “We are particularly happy that EPO’s management agreed to our investment proposal. Its scientific reputation and the reliability of its studies are widely recognized in the oncology community. More than 40% of the new drugs under development target cancer. Offering an integrated services portfolio which includes pharmacology alongside drug safety, pharmacokinetics and bioanalysis/biomarkers will allow Citoxlab-EPO’s clients to save time and money and avoid the risks linked to moving from one CRO to another. Several key clients have already told us that this integrated-services offering perfectly meets their needs. For biotechnology companies, financial milestones are often linked to reaching specific development steps, so integrated operations optimizing time spent can be a strategic advantage.”

    Dr. Jens Hoffman, CEO of EPO said: “As the founders and main shareholders, Dr. Iduna Fichner, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Walther, CSO, and myself have carefully analyzed Citoxlab’s interest in our company, with our long-term development in mind. As one of the top five non-clinical CROs worldwide, Citoxlab has established long-lasting business relationships with hundreds of customers. In addition, as a science driven CRO, Citoxlab has developed specialties in disciplines such as immunohistochemistry, cell cytometry and genomics, which are key in our area of research. We believe that these scientific synergies, combined with Citoxlab’s strong business development dynamics, will benefit both us and our clients. I must add that the respect for the culture and management in their previous acquisitions shown by Citoxlab was important in choosing this strategic partnership, where Citoxlab will own 49% of EPO.”

    About EPO
    Experimental Pharmacology and Oncology Berlin-Buch GmbH (EPO) is one of the leading contract research organizations (CRO) providing comprehensive worldwide services for preclinical oncology research. EPO is specialized in the development of tailored basic and translational research models to support drug development, starting with target validation and compound screening and ending in integrational in vivo studies addressing pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, biomarkers and tolerability. EPO has established models for radiation and immune oncology research. EPO’s operations meet the highest industrial standards endorsed by more than one hundred customers worldwide. Its highly motivated and qualified team guarantees short response times, consistency of service, regular updates and transparency. EPO is based at the Campus Berlin-Buch, one of Germany´s leading biotech locations.

    About Citoxlab Group
    With nine facilities located in France (Evreux and Saint-Nazaire), Canada (Laval and Boisbriand), the US (Kansas City), Denmark (Copenhagen) and Hungary (Veszprém, Budapest, Szeged), Citoxlab Group offers a comprehensive range of preclinical services to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, chemical and agrochemical companies worldwide. Citoxlab carries out studies in general and reproductive toxicology, carcinogenicity, immunology, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and bioanalysis/biomarkers. Citoxlab and Atlanbio also offer both preclinical and clinical bioanalysis and biomarker services. AccelLAB provides efficacy and safety studies of medical devices (cardiology, ENT, orthopedics and regenerative medicine). In partnership with Stemina (Madison, USA) the Group offers screening services using human embryonic stem cell models. With the recently acquired Solvo Biotechnology, products and services in the field of transporters and DDI are now available. Today, Citoxlab has 1,400 employees working at nine sites with state-of-the-art facilities, generating revenues of €150M ($175M). The company has a world-class top-level management team in scientific, financial and business activities.

  • 29.March 2018 | Company news |

    EPO joined the AACR Annual Meeting 2018 "Driving Innovative Cancer Science to Patient Care" in Chicago

    between April 14-18.2018

    If you are interested in special approaches or technologies of EPO, please have a look at our posters.

    Poster #1145 / 2 .............. (Download Poster-1145.pdf)
    Humanized immune-PDX mouse models for 10 different tumor entities in translational immuno-oncology research

    Poster #1040 / 13 ............ (Download Poster-1040.pdf)
    Patient derived xenografts of hematologic malignancies for translational research

    Poster #4093 / 21 ............. (Download Poster-4093.pdf)
    Preclinical evaluation of novel treatment strategies in patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of pancreatic cancer

  • 18.October 2017 | Company news |

    EPO presented two posters with new data of selected topics at AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference in Philadelphia

    Poster #A005
    Drug screening in patient-derived xenografts from acute myeloic leukemia and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma shows correlation with chemotherapy resistance in patients
    The poster will be presented in Poster Session A "Animal Models"
    on Saturday October 28, 2017 12:30 - 4:00 pm
    In Hall E, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Poster Board number 5;
    Abstract #270-Go to online version...

    Poster #A006
    Preclinical tumor models in humanized mice for translational immuno-oncology research
    The poster will be presented in Poster Session A "Animal Models"
    on Saturday October 28, 2017 12:30 - 4:00 pm
    In Hall E, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Poster Board number 6;
    Abstract # 272 - Go to online version...

  • 27.July 2017 | Company news |

    AAALAC accreditation for EPO

    EPO received the full accreditation of AAALAC International, a non-profit organization, that promotes responsible laboratory work with highest quality, scientific, and ethical standards through an accreditation program. This major achievement enables us to provide our service following the best up to date rules and conditions in a strictly controlled way.

    For more details see newsletter October 2017.

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Citoxlab signs investment and partnership deal with EPO!
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EPO@AACR Annual Meeting 2018 in Chicago ... April 14-18.2018
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