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    OncoTrack, “Methods for systematic next generation oncology biomarker development”, is an international consortium of over 80 scientists, that has launched one of Europe’s largest collaborative academic-industry research projects to develop and assess novel approaches for identification of new markers for colon cancer .

    The goal of OncoTrack is to identify and characterize biological markers that will help our understanding of the variable make-up of tumours and how this affects the way patients respond to treatment. OncoTrack is using cutting edge laboratory-based genome sequencing techniques coupled to novel computer modelling approaches to study both the biological heterogeneity of colon cancers (i.e. patient to patient variability) as well as tumour variation within the patient – for example, by comparing primary tumours with metastases.

    Within the OncoTrack project, EPO has developed 75 new colon cancer PDX models and screened for drug sensitivity.

    The unique dataset for 13 targeted drugs, generated in these models will be used to develop a more accurate in-silico model of the cancer cell. This will facilitate the identification of predictive markers that can be used to guide the optimal therapy strategy – at the level of the individual patient – and will also provide on-going prognostic guidance for the clinician.

    For more information:  www.oncotrack.eu

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