• CPO Cellular Phenomics & Oncology

    CPO has developed an unique collection of patient derived 3D cell culture (PD3D) tumor models corresponding to the EPO PDX panel. Customers can use and combine these for target identification and validation and compound screening.

    By working with CPO and using their unique PD3D models and powerful phenomics data analysis capabilities, customers significantly improve the opportunity for success during preclinical development.

    The goal for CPO is to help customers design the best development strategy for their drug candidates and support biomarker identification.

    CPO can support you with:

    • more than 150 extensively characterized PD3D tumor models
    • high throughput screening & assay development
    • correlation of drug response and genomic profile

    The future of cancer treatments lies in the development of personalized strategies for individual cancer patients (precision medicine). The CPO can support personalized treatment by generating an individual PD3D culture for each patient for sensitivity screening with cancer drugs and combinations.


    CPO - Cellular Phenomics & Oncology Berlin-Buch GmbH
    Robert-Rössle-Str. 10
    13125 Berlin, Germany
    Mail: christian.regenbrecht@cpo.berlin
    Fon: +49 30 9489 4420
    Web: http://www.cpo.berlin

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